Get your first taste of racing in BlockTrucks!

Compete in the weekly Time Trial event and win Founder’s Packs!

Each week, the top 5 players on the leaderboard will win…

Position 1 : Legendary Founder’s Pack
Position 2 : Epic Founder’s Pack
Position 3 : Rare Founder’s Pack
Position 4 : Common Founder’s Pack
Position 5 : Common Founder’s Pack

Web Browser Version Instructions

Play in your desktop web browser (mobile browsers are not supported).

Chrome, MS Edge and Opera GX are the recommended browsers for the best game performance.

FireFox has WebGL performance issues, and Safari may or may not run depending on your Mac OS version.

Hit F11 while playing to go full screen!

Android Version Instructions

Download the APK file from here to the Downloads folder on your Android device.

Download the APK installer app from Google Play from here.

Make sure you have ‘Unknown sources’ enabled on your device, read more here, or google for how to enable it for your specific device.

Install the BlockTrucks APK file with the APK installer app.


If you have any feedback or issues, please join the Discord and mention them in there for a speedy response!

Set the graphics quality to ‘ULTRA’ in the settings if your device can handle it for the best experience, or lower the quality to have a smoother racing experience.

Set your player name in the profile menu
(Yellow button on top left of main menu).

Link your email and your Enjin wallet in the profile menu
(Yellow button on top left of main menu).

Linking your email allows you to recover your account and NFTs synced to your account. i.e if your browser cache/cookies get cleared.

The leaderboard resets every Monday at UTC 00:00. Each week the direction of the track will change, and every few weeks a new Time Trial track will be released to keep things interesting…