Multiplayer Racing Game

BLOCKTRUCKS.IO FAQ is a cross-platform, competitive multiplayer racing game where players compete against each other in realtime. The higher the rank players attain, the greater their rewards.

Desktop web browser (Chrome, Edge, Opera GX, Safari**)
Mobile web browser (Once the game has been upgraded to Unity 6, around Q4 2024)
*You will be able to use the same account across all your devices.
**Safari is not a recommended browser   

Closed beta access will be available to Founder’s Pack NFT holders and will go live in Q2 2024.

The Founder’s NFT pre-sale on AtomicHub will begin at the same time, giving you immediate access to the closed beta.

If you owned an Enjin pre-sale NFT, you will be able to easily migrate your Enjin NFTs to from within the game client.

Get notified when the Founder’s Pack pre-sale begins, by signing up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page!

The Web2 version will be released on stores such as Steam, that dont support Web3 games. 

The versions will be identical, with the only difference being the Web3 version will support play-and-earn. Cosmetics and other in-game items will be NFTs and you will be required to connect a Web3 wallet.

We have partnered with AtomicHub, one of the leading NFT marketplaces.

Polygon is part of the Ethereum network, and ensures the game launches in the most popular Web3 gaming ecosystem giving our players plenty of trading options for their NFTs and low gas fees.

Block Trucks is the second racing game title developed by Meltdown Interactive Media.

We released our first game, SuperTrucks Offroad Racing back in 2018, in the 4 years since it’s release we have made several updates and released it on additional gaming platforms.

We are taking the lessons learnt from the first game (of which there were many), and putting them into Block Trucks.

A lot of time and money has been invested into the development of these games, and we are very serious about making the project a success.

We have just released a new alpha gameplay video, with a truck racing against 3 other trucks in a multiplayer race. You can check out the video here.

  • Players earn FUEL by finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in ranked races or placing in tournaments. 

    FUEL collected goes into a pool at the end of each race season. Each race season lasts a calendar month. At the end of each race season, the top players on the FUEL leaderboard are rewarded in cryptocurrency equal to a share of the game’s revenue based on their equity in the FUEL pool. 

    For more information about FUEL, please see this page on the white paper.

  • Players may collect upgrade or cosmetic card drops while racing and sell these on a compatible NFT marketplace.

  • Players may purchase a Stadium NFT and earn 10% of all FUEL from races in that stadium. There will be only 19 stadiums avaiable in the pre-sale!

  • Players may collect tournament entry tickets while racing and sell these on a compatible NFT marketplace.

We have decided not to launch our own fungible token, it brings too many complications and external factors into designing a sustainable game economy.

That said, we are still a Web3 game and players can certainly earn cryptocurrency from racing!

For more information please see the Tokenomics section in our white paper. 

Absolutely not!

All players start the game with a truck with zero upgrades, and will need to improve their driving skills and upgrade their truck daily as they rank up.

Player trucks cannot be traded or sold to other players, cosmetics however, can be sold or traded.  

Truck cosmetics provide FUEL earning bonuses based on the rarity equipped, but there is nothing you will be able to spend money on that would ever give you a competitive advantage during a race

Truck cosmetics will consist of of paints, decals, tyre sets and nitro boosts.

Player cosmetics will consist of avatars and banners which will be displayed to other players before and after races. Your avatar NFT will appear next to your name on any leaderboard.

Cosmetics come in common, rare, epic and legendary rarities and give players FUEL earning bonuses based on their rarity, but will in no way provide any competitive advantage while racing.

The following items will all be NFTs that can be traded on a compatible marketplace… 

  • Upgrade cards
  • Truck cosmetics in the form of paints, decals, tyre sets and nitro boosts
  • Player cosmetics in the form of player banners or avatars
  • Entry tickets into weekly and monthly tournaments
  • Stadium ownership

You can upgrade your truck using virtual currency and upgrade cards.
Your truck can be upgraded across nine categories…  

  • Engine – Your truck’s maximum top speed.

  • Air Filter – Your truck’s acceleration.

  • Brakes – The effectiveness of your truck’s brakes.

  • Aerodynamic Control – The ability to control your truck while in the air. Aerial control allows you allows you to better line up your truck for improved landings and recoveries, as well as showing off with flips and spins.

  • Aerodynamic Profile – Reduces your drag while in the air, allowing for bigger jumps.

  • Bumper – Increases the force with which you bump your opponents.
    Bumping opponents off their racing line and into the barrier can be an effective race strategy!

  • Nitro – The bigger the tank, the longer you can use nitro before your supply runs out.

  • Nitro Tank Recharge Rate – Increases the amount of nitro recharged while your truck is drifting.

  • Reset Timer Recharge Rate – Reduces the timeout between truck resets. (A reset aligns your truck’s to your forward movement direction, useful if you’re spinning out of control or got bumped into the wall)

For more on upgrading your truck, please see the Upgrading Explained section in our white paper.


The game uses a server-authoritative physics model for racing. 

This means the only information sent from the game client to the game server is the player’s throttle, steer and nitro input. The server then validates these inputs and processes the physics calculations for this input on the game server and synchronises the new truck positions back to all game clients.

All vital information, such as truck upgrades, lap times, finish position, amount of nitro remaining etc, is only ever stored or calculated on the game server. Once the race ends, all race result information is sent from the game server to our backend server solution running on Azure Functions and MongoDB.

Our game server technology is built on EdgeGap, a container orchestration solution built on OpenMatch, Docker and Kubernetes which spawns game servers in seconds in a location closest to all the players in each race, providing low latency times for the best racing experience. 

Our game servers are built on tech that is designed to scale on demand. 

Yes, one of the great features of is that you will be able to play on any device, and be able to race against your friends and other opponents, regardless of what device they are playing on! is built in the Unity3D engine and will be released with the latest stable 2022 version. 

We do have some exciting plans for race teams which we’ll announce at a later stage.

Check out our White Paper, which is continuously updated, and make sure to join our Discord!