BLOCKTRUCKS.IO FAQ is a realtime multiplayer offroad racing game built on Enjin and Efinity.

We are an official Enjin Ecosystem Partner.

Desktop web browser
Windows desktop application

You will be able to use the same account across all your devices. 

We will be closely aligned with the launch of Efinity.

The Founder’s Closed Beta will be in late Q2 2022.
The beta can be accessed by those who purchase a Founder’s Pack in the pre-sale, which began on 18 March.

The game will go live in Q3 2022. has been in development for many years under a different project name, which was originally released as a single player game in early 2018.

Since the 2018 release, the game has had nearly 4 years of player feedback and improvements made to it, and we are now releasing all those improvements as a brand new, multiplayer only game on the blockchain. 

You can take a look at the teaser trailer on the home page to see we have indeed built a mature, polished racing game, and our official partnership with Enjin means we are serious about creating a great racing game. 

  • Players may collect upgrade cards while racing and mint these into card booster packs, which can be sold on any open marketplace.
  • Players may purchase or win a stadium and take a commission from all races in those stadiums in that time period.
  • Players may earn the game’s native TRUCK token by winning races, and finishing in top places in time-limited tournaments.
  • Players may collect NFT cosmetic drops while racing, or win them in time-limited tournaments.
    These can be sold on any open marketplace.
  • Players may win tournament entry tickets through racing or in a tournament ticket lottery. These entry tickets can be sold to other players on any open marketplace.

The in-game virtual currency CASH, will be won through racing, and along with upgrade cards will be used to purchase truck upgrades.

The game’s native token TRUCKs, can be earned by…

  • racing, the higher your rank, the greater the token rewards
  • won in time-limited tournaments
  • placing in the top 100 in each rank on season leaderboards
  • taking a commission of tokens generated in a race through stadium ownership

Absolutely not!

All players start the game with a slow, non-upgraded truck, and will need to develop their driving skills and upgrade their truck daily as they progress up the ranks. 

Player trucks cannot be traded or sold to other players. 

There is a limit to the number of upgrade card booster packs a player can open daily, so no matter how much a player has to spend, they will face the same daily upgrade limit as every other player. Players are incentivised to return to the game daily to race and upgrade. 

Certain truck cosmetics, such as the Founder’s Packs, will provide small currency or token win bonuses based on their rarity, but they will in no way provide any competitive advantage during a race. 

Truck cosmetics will come in the form of paints, decals, tyre sets and nitro boosts.

Player cosmetics 
will come in the form of player banners.
A player may equip a banner to their profile.
Player banners will also be displayed to other players before the race starts, and when showing the race results. 

Cosmetics will be available in common, rare, epic and legendary rarities.

Equipped cosmetics will give players small currency win bonuses based on their rarity, but will in no way provide any competitive advantage while racing.
Certain cosmetics, such as the Founder’s Edition sets, will apply a once off token earning bonus % to the player’s account*
*Only one Founder’s Edition set, or set type bonus can be applied per account. Multiple can be applied, but only the highest will apply. 

The following items will all be NFT’s that can be traded on any supported marketplace… 

Card Booster Packs

Truck cosmetics in the form of paints, decals, tyre sets and nitro boosts.

Player cosmetics in the form of player banners.

Entry tickets to time-limited tournaments. 

Stadium ownership rights 

Custom branded trucks

You can upgrade your truck in the upgrade shop at any time between races with the in-game virtual currency CASH
CASH is earned only through racing, the amount won is based on your rank and finish position each race.

Truck upgrades are divided into 5 categories… 

The truck’s maximum top speed.

The truck’s acceleration to top speed.

The truck’s grip around corners and the amount of drift your truck will experience in the different racing conditions.

The height of your truck’s suspension. The higher your suspension the less movement your truck will have as you drive over bumps and jumps and make epic landings.

The bigger the tank, the longer you can use nitro before your supply runs out.

To upgrade a part of your truck, you will need 4 upgrade cards and the CASH required to upgrade that part. Cards are collected during races, bought in booster packs from the in-game shop or any open marketplace. Card booster packs bought on the marketplace contain more cards than packs bought from the in-game shop

There is a daily limit of 5 card booster packs that can be opened, making it more efficient to use marketplace booster packs to upgrade since they contain more cards

This will stimulate the play to earn aspect of the game and incentivise players to mint their own booster packs and sell them on the marketplace. 

No! uses a server-authoritative physics model for racing. 

This means the only information sent by the game client to the game server is the player’s throttle, steer and nitro input values. The server then validates this input (i.e throttle must be between a value of 0 and 1), and then processes the physics calculations for this input on the game server, and syncs the the new truck positions back to all the game clients.

All vital information, such as lap times, finish position, amount of nitro remaining etc, is only ever stored or calculated on the game server. Once the race ends, all critical race result information is sent from the game server to Microsoft Azure Playfab, a game backend and data solution used by many of the top games today. 

Our game server technology integrates with EdgeGap, a container orchestration solution built on OpenMatch, Docker and Kubernetes which spawns game servers instantly in a location closest to all players participating in a race, providing low latency times for the best racing experience. 

Our game servers are built on tech that is designed to scale on demand. is completely cross-platform, it doesn’t matter which OS the game is running on, you will be able to race against your friends and other opponents! is built in the Unity3D engine, at the time of writing on the latest 2021.x release. 

Not upon initial release.
But we do have some exciting plans for race teams in Q4, and we’ll announce more about them after the game launch. 

Check out our White Paper, which is continuously updated.